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Multigenerational living in the countryside
Berlin Ludwigsfelde 

- Wietstocker Dorfstr. - 

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The municipality of Wietstock, founded in the 13th century, is now a part of the city of Ludwigsfelde. Located within green pastures and fields, Ludwigsfelde is close to the capital Berlin, boasting peaceful countryside and lots of history.

The Prussian and French armies met here in 1813 during the Napoleonic wars. Considering the bitter fighting that raged in the village back then, it is a small wonder that the baroque church dating back to 1746 has survived the cannon fire. One of these canon balls is still preserved, embedded in the church wall.

Picture: Mike Jentsch


The city of Ludwigsfelde is situated south of Berlin, just a few kilometres off the Berliner Ring road. The municipality of Wietstock is just a couple  kilometres away from the town centre and train station. The regional express train takes just 7 minutes to reach Berlin. The road B101 brings you to the outskirts of Berlin in 10 minutes by car. The A 10 motorway offers perfect connections to other parts of Brandenburg but also to the AVUS and the city ring within Berlin.



Cozy living in a homely atmosphere

In beautiful surroundings, including a nature resort within the property, just a few kilometres from the city of Ludwigsfelde in the district of Wietstock, situated on a street only used by residents, a new multigenerational living complex is being created out of a former traditional farm. The farm is being refurbished and modernised to offer 8 large apartments for families and single-parent families and 11 smaller apartments for senior citizens, singles and couples. All facilities are suitable for the elderly.

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Architecural concept

The aerial view shows the complete farm. located in Wietstocker Dorfstr. 24, including the 3 hectares nature reserve to the east. Die projected construction area is outlined in red.

The grey main house remains unchanged with the current owner. The 3 outbuildings (green) will be reconstructed and refurbished to a standard appropriate for the elderly.

Ground  floor

Floor plan

The gound floor of the two larger buildings will house the smaller units, a large conservatory with direct access to the  kitchen and further access to the terrace and gardens

All engery utilities, which are supplying all apartments with ecofriendly heating and power, is also located here. In addition, there is further space for offices and storage.


Further apartments will be created in the smaller of the 3 builduings. The horses living on site will also find shelter here. The re-modeld courtyard will boast lots of greenery, shrubs and trees and several seating areas.

1st Floor

On the first floor, generously sized apartments will be available for families, couples and singles.


All units in house 1 and house 2 will be accessible via elevator and both houses are connected by a pergola.


(June 2017)

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